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DJ Vladimir Wolf

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    Club Music
    Hip Hop, Trap & RnB

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    Brno, Česko

Dj and music producer known by name Vladimir Wolf has started his DJ carrer early, in year 2011. By that time, he was interested maily in club music genres - house. He performed at student parties, but also on resident club nights.

In short time period, he build a strong name thanks to residency in 7.Nebe club, and later also Two Faces Club. He also worked with WATT club, Fléda or even Sono Centrum.

In year 2016, Vladimir Wolf travelled to Spain. In Spain, he has seen many clubs and went to many festivals, where he has found lot of inspiration. In 2017, he came back to Brno, where he started to making noise in genres like reggaeton, dancehall, hip-hop, trap and rnb. He also stated new music projects - Fiesta Latina Brno and Urban Night Brno in his resident club Exit Club Brno.

From december 2017, he started performing in Mandarin Essence Club, where he became resident in the end of april 2018. In the same time, he has started co-working with succesfull DJs in the main city Prague, where he goes to DJ to private parties or clubs, usually 3-4 times a month. Besides live performances, he does his own remixes, music production and his own music projects. Since beggining of his carrer, he has performed in almost every club in Brno.

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